Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Couch Potato and Bebe Purchases

All my big plans for this week got shot to the shithouse when I fell down the back stairs on Sunday night.
I heard my Coco-pops barking at around midnight so I hopped out of bed to see what all the fuss was about (something I'm copping it from everyone about BTW, as if it's not completely normal to be home alone and hear the dogs bark in the middle of the night, and go out to see what's going on?) and, well, one should ensure one slips ones feet into shoes properly before attempting to go down the stairs. One should also aim to plant ones feet on said steps. Just a helpful hint from someone in the know.

So anyway, after my big tumble and the dramatics that ensued which I am sure the neighbours were happy not to miss, I climbed back up those god-awful death traps and back to bed.
After a hysterical phone call to M, who's only advice - after asking if the Sproutster was okay in what can only be described as a frantic half-asleep mumble jumble of words - was to put ice on it, I did just that and tried to get some sleep. Failed attempt my friends.
The next day I went off to the doctors and the short version is that we have a sprain.

So I've been holed up on the couch with nothing but Sex and the City to keep me company - I'm up to the last 2 episodes of season 6 and I'm trying to push out watching them as they're by far my 2 favourite!

I also just watched the Pretty Little Liars season finale... No spoilers here but do I have any fellow PLL watchers? I went off it for a few seasons and somehow got sucked back in. Season finale was good though.

Has anybody read Crazy Rich Asians? I'm thinking it will be a good couch potato book. Any other recommendations for this cripple are happily welcomed!

I've also been doing some Sprout shopping, I ordered the bassinet today. After a lot of deliberation with knowing I didn't want any frilly explosion of baby over-the-topness, and having decided I wanted a Moses basket that was easy to move around to other rooms, we settled on the Snowberry Organic Moses basket from bebelicious.

I actually cannot wait for it to get here so I can set it up in the corner our our bedroom. With 3 whole months to go before it's owner pops out to claim it. It probably won't stay there for the next 3 months, but, yeh'know I get excited about the little things.  
I need to get a life, I know.
And never fear, you will be getting a photo if it in all it's corner glory when it arrives.

I also purchased the Tiny Love 3 in 1 Rocker Napper from PramWarehouse. In red, o'course.

I LOVE that it is not an offensive and off-putting looking thing with cartoons and colours and what-not all over it. They should be banned.

In other news, Kate Winslet named her baby boy Bear Blaze. I don't mind it. Beats Apple.

I think I've rambled on enough. Happy Hump Day!

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