Friday, 28 March 2014

Friday bit's'n'bobs

Yes, yes, I am resurrecting my "Friday's" post.
HA, I just had a look-see back at my last Friday's post back in October, oh the shame :( and I was harping on about how I wish we had daylight savings in QLD. Well, now I'm wishing for daylight savings to end pronto for the rest of the country - first world problems and all, but I'm hopeless at remembering to stay off twitter so I don't find out who was eliminated/sent to sudden death on MKR! *Spoiler* it for myself EVERY.TIME.

☀ This week has been a whole lot of study study study for me. I'm feeling like I'm behind which is not a good place to be - I have 3 months to go til Sprout gets here, and I want to feel on top of everything by then. But 3 months is quite a chunk of time as I keep reminding myself! I imagine for the first 4 weeks at least, I'll be spending time with the baby and M before I get back into it again. So it's focus focus focus for me now.

☀ Picked up this dress in 3 colours on Saturday at TEMT for $9.95 each. Run don't walk. Nice knee length and a super comfy material. Perfect for all, and especially as they're super bump friendly!

☀ Super duper happy that footy season has started up again. Round these here parts it's the Swans all the way. It's really not the same living in QLD, AFL isn't really followed up here. Trying to talk baby-daddy into taking me on a baby-moon to Melbourne to catch a game before Sprout comes!

☀ We have had 200mm of rain in the last 24 hours! Bananas! It's feeling quite humid and sticky as well.

☀ I've been feeding my little munchkins a combo of raw food and dog biscuits for quite some time now, and when this article from Adele over at Vegie Head popped up in my feed, I just had to share.

☀ Pulled pork was made and devoured on Tuesday and it was insane, I tell you. One of my absolute FAVOURITE things to cook. I have been having the leftovers quesadilla style-y with some homemade sauerkraut, pickled carrots and cheese. Don't forget the butter on the outside of your flatbread if you attempt this at home kids, it makes it. Fry in pan, flipping over to grill both sides and consume, waiting for no man.

☀ I pre-ordered and received Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar for Life a few weeks ago. Haven't got around to reading it yet, but it's on my list of things to do. Has anyone read, loved, hated? Tell me all.

This weekend is devoted to baking and studying and sleeping and movie watching. Rainy weather activities for the soul.

TGIF. Enjoy your weekend wherever you are x


  1. Me likey the dress, hope the TEMT near me has them! I like dresses like that for everyday kinda wear. Perfect.

    Tell me your pulled pork secrets! I cooked a shoulder ALL DAY yesterday - 8 hours. Was really good, but it didn't pull apart. What did I do wrong?!

    1. I hope you find the dress, definitely worth buying more than one!

      Oh no! Was your shoulder on the bone? Did you cook it super low, lid on? I usually cook for 5 - 6 hours, remove lid and bump heat up to reduce sauce and "pull apart" while it's reducing. This takes 45 mins or so. And before bumping heat up to reduce sauce, I grab at it with tongs - if it falls apart then (*DROOLING*) then I know it's ready to reduce.

      I think I'm going to have to post the recipe when I cook it next so I have it to refer back to, I seem to do it differently every time!

    2. Post the recipe please! My butcher gave me boneless
      : it was 2.6kg so I thought for that weight surely it had a bone. Clearly that is where I went wrong! Was a good roast but definitely not pulled. Lol dammit.

  2. Jess! I'm also on the Sunshine Coast and I think we are the same weeks along. Do you have a mothers group as yet? I'm on the hunt for a like minded group..random I know!
    Anyway, it would be great to chat.