Friday, 25 October 2013

Friday bits'n'bobs

Ah Friday. It was super hot here yesterday until about 4pm when the clouds rolled over and the rain started, it's still cool and cloudy this morning. I love the sun but sometimes it's nice to lie in bed a little longer when it's a bit darker outside. Ya know :)

Friday bits'n'bobs:

☀ This little orchid lost all it's flowers this week. Sad times. I can see little closed buds so hopefully it doesn't take forever to flower again!

☀ I love Sourdough. And I hate that junk Coles and Woolies try to pass off. This article about sourdough and honest bread is a good read.

☀ I've been wanting to check out the pupsters diet and make at least half of their meals for them for a while now. I've been researching on a lot of the methods used, and finally decided on a half raw BARF diet and half pet food. I had a nice long chat with one of the ladies at PetBarn yesterday and she was super helpful on what to do, how much, which kibble she recommended, and also which butchers sell the whole animal (not just meat, bones etc as well) at a ridiculously cheap price. So today I will be making pet food!

☀ If you follow me on Twitter you may have read about the OTH convention in Paris. Wish I had've been there. :(. I miss this show. I've spoken to The FiancĂ©, and said that we should (finally) begin planning our wedding and have a honeymoon next year. Around October. In Milano.  

☀ Arj Barker baby. Second time seeing his Go Time show last Friday. HA-larious. Tickets aren't expensive, he still has a bit of Australia to tour and his starting act, Aussie Joel Ozborn is a cracker as well. Get on it.

Fennel ice-cream. We broke out our el' cheapo ice-cream machine last weekend to make some coconut cacao goodnees, but I'm super keen to give this a try.

Foods you can grow from kitchen scraps. I've given most of these a go with varying levels of success - mainly due to my lack of watering! I will be trying it again though, watching my little celery, leek and spring onions shoot up in a jar of water on my kitchen bench was pretty thrilling. Need to get a life.

My heart and prayers are with all those affected from these awful bush fires. And children being the ones who started them. What the. I can't even properly comprehend that. 3 dead already. Fingers and toes it ends soon.

Enjoy your weekend all!


  1. Feeding raw is very easy, if you have a big fridge. My dogue de bordeaux has to have raw: pet food gives her itchy skin (common in the breed), so I just give her whole chickens, chicken necks, mince, legs, sardines and the odd hard boiled egg or 4. She never does stinky dog farts and her breath is okay for a dog too lol, so there are benefits in making the switch!

    1. Yeah we have 2 fridges, so handy! I think it's so interesting!! Apparently if you're not feeding them any kibble, you have to make sure they're getting extra nutrients that are in kibble from somewhere else? There are special tablets that you can get (super cheap) that are meant to go with a complete BARF diet. I'm no expert though! Haha, and apparently flaxseed oil is great for their coat. AND (so interesting) you should give them either the entire egg - shell, yolk and white - or just the yolk. Never white and yolk, does something bad. Okay ramble over! Lol :)

    2. Yes I give the whole shell they gobble it all! Between meat, bone, fish, egg and organs 'they say' it is all there! But it is so hard because there are so many different opinions out there and facts to support them. We have tried giving fruit and vegetable pulp from the juicer but that just got left for the birds. So it's all meat and egg here. I just got a giant box freezer so I can stop going to the butcher every 4 days haha