Sunday, 27 October 2013

What's happening in my vegie garden

❤  Warning. This is a pic-heavy post.

It's not really a vegie "garden" because almost everything is potted. Actually, everything is. Except some dill that started growing like mad next to the driveway.. from seedlings dropped from the herbs flower that we had in a pot! Coolest.
Very much looking forward to the day when we buy and we can fill the yard with all our homegrown vegies, herbs and fruits! Due to The Fiancés's job, we've moved around a fair bit in the past couple of years. We have almost been here 12 months though (record!) and I think it's pretty safe to say we'll be staying a while. Once you get used to this amazing warmth, the beaches and the sunshine, it's pretty hard to imagine moving somewhere where it's so cold you're not able to go to the beach and lie out in July. True Story. Sorry. :)

Blueberry tree

Mr Mint. Doing so well.

Coupla' strawbs plants. Love me some strawbs.
Le wall of Pots.
Obviously when you don't have the luxury of a yard to plant all your herbs and vegies, you make do. See here, our windowsill of pots! It's the perfect place to put some of our pots, we have a couple of chillis growing, a few parsley, a couple of tomato, some oregano, sage, chives and dill.

These little yellow toms make me all warm and fuzzy.

Said Sage. Mental.

My fig tree. This also gives me warm and fuzzies!

Spinach from seedlings. These guys need a little more TLC.
One of the many Parsley Pots.

Mr Basil. My all time Favourite. I pick them dry though!
Crazy Habaneros. The Fiancé and I are quite chilli mad.

Picked this bad boy up at the markets. Money well spent.

Said Dill taken up residence by the driveway!
 I feel like I don't have nearly enough on the vegie side of things, so I'm working out a way to grow more. Pretty happy with my herb-age though.

What about you? What do you grow? Green thumb? :)

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