Monday, 14 October 2013

Rise and shine! & breakfast

New day, new week.

Breakfast is a battle for me most mornings, I'm never quite sure what I feel like past coffee - a double shot long black yespleasee. (x2).
(sometimes 3. shhh)

delicious coffee

Some mornings I want something that's a bit more warming -
poached eggs with a touch of paprika on top, and avocado with spinach and roasted balsamic cherry tomatoes (or on crusty sourdough toast)

yum yum yumm

or an old favourite.
The Smoothie.
I jumped on the smoothie train a couple of years ago, it's such a great way to have breakfast on the go, or just generally pack as much goodness as you can into a slurpy (sometimes green) drink.

smoothie breakfast

 Soooo good for this summer-like weather we're having. We've skipped Spring here, how about you?

Green Smoothie Goodness. This one is nice and simple. It has:

☀ coconut meat*
☀ coconut water
☀ 2 cups spinach
☀ 1 frozen banana
☀ 1 tbsp chia seeds
☀ 1 tbsp maca powder

  • Throw into blender.
  • Blend. 
  • Serve 
  • Slurp. 
  • Enjoy.

>> Now I know you may not have access to coconut meat from a fresh young coconut you cracked over the weekend, so feel free to substitute that for coconut cream or yoghurt.
>> And when you do have leftover coconut meat, you now know smoothies are the way to go! :)

Official first day of study for me!

Happy Monday! :)


  1. I've been throwing a handful of spinach into my pink smoothies. So now I'm having murky smoothies, neither pink nor green. They look awful but taste the same as they did when they were pure pink ;-)

    We've skipped spring AND summer AND autumn in Melbourne and gone straight to next winter, yay.

    1. Haha, the lovely shade of almost swamp brown they turn lol, but yeah you can't notice any difference in taste! :)

      Yuck for that weather in Melbourne, bring back summer.